Support for Kimberley’s Ongoing Battle With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

11253173_1462718411.0247Kimberley was diagnosed on February 24th 2016 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, so far her treatment is working well but she still has a long way to go yet. Since her diagnosis she has only spent about 2 full weeks at home she’s constantly in and out of the hospital, with Neutropenic sepsis, a central line infection, and now shingles and influenza B! She hasn’t been able to continue her chemo for over 3 weeks now, and she’s not eating or drinking much at the moment. Her levels aren’t going back up, so the doctors have discussed her having a feeding tube soon! And she won’t be allowed home until she starts eating, drinking and her levels are showing signs of improvement. So we’ve decided to try and raise some money to book a holiday for Kimberley and the family, as something her to look forward to! To try and encourage her to perk up a little bit and start getting back to her normal self. Kimberley hasn’t been able to attend school and has unfortunately missed out on trips they have been on.  She has a hickman line fitted into her chest, which means she is restricted from normal activities like swimming and fun fairs so she’s missing out on quite a lot of things she used to love .

Please click the link below to read more. If you wish to make a donation you will be contributing to making this little girl very happy.


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