Account Application

Account Application Form

If you require an account to purchase goods from us on a regular basis, please fill out the account application form and return to us.

The benefits of opening an account are:

  • Extended terms ( usually¬†30 days )
  • Special net prices – this means you receive special rates to reflect the volume of business which is not a set percentage, it is a calculated low profit margin.
  • Personal service
  • Regular visits from your sales manager if requested

Become a Sub-Stockist

If you would like to discuss the proposition of becoming a sub-stockist please contact us.

The benefits of purchasing through Tru Plastics Limited are:

  • We will endeavour to secure our sub-stockist’s more business through networking and spending time locally to promote your trade counter offering an excellent service and working with you to succeed.
  • We always look to build long term relationships, we do not class ourselves as suppliers, we are partners in your business. we are heavily supported through our suppliers so we can offer rates and service that you will not receive directly from the manufactures, with the added security knowing we will support you in your venture, this is one of many reasons to trade with Tru Plastics Limited.