Domestic/Home owner

At Tru Plastics we understand that home owners neither have time nor patience to have a salesman sitting in their home being told how lovely their house is, and rambling on about where they are going on holiday. We are aware the invitation is to give you the best price for the best product and service. We believe high-pressured sales people damage the company name, therefore we do not operate this way. We will simply survey your property, advise you on the products and give you a free no obligation quotation for you to consider in your own time. We only take payment when the job has been completed and you are entirely satisfied.

Specialists in roofline replacement, we will advise you of the correct procedure which will give you piece of mind for the next 35 years (a Warranty that is backed by our manufacturers)

We offer several different types of window to cater for every budget, we also erect conservatories from the ground works up offering a service whereby we complete the whole project, which means less chance of delays waiting for different trades people.   We are fully qualified FENSA Registered installers No – 32927 so this again ensures that our clients can have peace of mind. Many people are not aware that if they want to sell their home in the future, you have to provide a FENSA certificate to show that your windows have been installed to the correct specifications.

We supply and install a rubber roofing system from Firestone for flat roofs which carries a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.

Please contact us if you require a quotation or further information. We will be delighted to speak to you. Please call us on 01773 718 355 or call our Sales Manager, Kevin Scott on 07805 344 005